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Managed Security & Antivirus 2006

Managed Security & Antivirus 2006

Retail : $  39.95 
Our Price : $ 5.00
Item # 321
Package: CD Only
Platform: Win Xp/Pro/2k

Viruses are created more frequently and can infect enterprises at a rapid-fire rate, often before a software update is available from the antivirus vendor, and before the enterprise can distribute the update to relevant platform... Current antivirus approaches simply will not be enough to counter emerging malicious-code threats, such as those posed by the vectors of instant messaging and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications, active content, and Web applications for malicious-code infections.

The Latest in Desktop Virus Protection:
Secure Resolutions software provides corporation with the latest technology in computer desktop virus protection. The Secure Resolutions via Panda engine Scanner actively scans the desktop for the virus activity and requires no human interaction to keep the virus protection up to date. Secure Resolutions desktop antivirus solution is simple and cost effective. This system can be installed, managed, and monitored through secure Hands-off-technology™ via the internet. Secure Resolutions technology provides an effective desktop anti-virus solution, ready for dynamic protection against malicious code attacks.

Additionally, there is incremental value to Managed Service provides (MSP), Internet Service Providers (ISP) and other customers and partners. Our offering can be white-labled and passed through to your customers on a shared revenue basis, enabling incremental revenue streams related to the automated IT management and the increased frequency of the product installations, upgrades, reports and other functions.

Innovative Hands-Off Technology™ for Ease-of-use:
In partnership with the Secure Resolution, one of the worlds security software leaders, Secure Resolutions Hands-Off-Technology™ combines ease of use in a single point of management with constantly updated virus signatures. The product eliminates the increasing cost of headaches associated with traditional dedicated servers and multi-servers coordination. Secure Resolutions Patented technology enables companies to securely share virus signature updates using minimum bandwidth and bypassing the need for multiple computers to rely on Internet connections.

Once installed, this technology requires absolutely no supervision from the end-user;even maintenance, application status monitoring, and updating are performed automatically. The Secure Resolutions engineering team has brought significant experience to bear on unique technologies that are now patent and patent pending reflection innovations for both managed software solutions and antivirus protection.

Key Technology Features:
Comprehensive Virus Protection
Built on Secure Resolutions (Resolution Desktop Engine)
Comprehensive real-time detection provides extensive protection from viruses, including:
Removable Media- Floppy, CD-Rom, Flash Memory, etc
Internet - email attachments, Internet downloads, etc.
E-mail - MAPI and SMTP, POP3, NNTP protection for exchange clients.
Hard disk
Administrator-defined scheduled scanning: Allows sweeps of the entire network, providing complete protection of the entire network
Extensive protection from viruses, Trojan horses, worms and other types of malicious code.
Sophisticated heuristic detection technology. Allows detection of unknown variants, mutations, providing protection from dangerous new strain.
Advance decryption technology allows detection of complex encrypted viruses before they can infect critical systems.

E-Mail Protection
Protection for all Exchange clients on the desktop level.

Rapid Updating
Updates are made automatically within minutes of being posted
Maximizing the protection of the network.
Intelligent bandwidth management techniques minimize the use of costly Internet bandwidth.
Advance resource sharing technique provides the ability to work in complex network environment.

Superior Reporting
Comprehensive reports generated without the need for deployment of complex antivirus management systems.
Coverage Reports.
Trend Reports.
Intelligent filtering allows the administrator to focus on areas of risk
Drill down reports allow the administrator to easily view important details.
Summary reports quickly highlights important details.
Advance resource sharing technique provides the ability to work in complex network environment.

Continuous Updating
Keeping up with the new viruses is the biggest challenge of successful anti-virus protection. IT administrators must maintain corporate readiness and track viruses reported externally, all while managing the rest of their IT responsibilities. This product updates virus signatures automatically as soon as they become available and reports any internal outbreak in real time.

Real-Time Global Reporting
Secure Resolutions Hands-Off Technology™ offers web-based reporting that displays global anti-virus activity in real time. This information is immediately available anywhere in the world via a secure link to the Secure Resolutions web page. The IT administrator can determine what viruses have been found, when they were found and whether they have been treated. Reports can cover the entire worldwide network or drill down to individual desktops and file servers

Automatic Installation
Secure Resolutions offers the latest in secure installation management. IT administrators can remotely install the Resolutions Antivirus Client to the entire company from one computer, enabling global protection without installing anti-virus servers or engaging in the time consuming task of going from desktop to desktop to install each client individually. This technology also eliminates the needs for backup and server synchronization

Intelligent Bandwidth Management
Hands-Off-Technology™ decreases network bandwidth requirements by allowing client computers to find updates on a local network. Not only does this allow updating behind the firewall, but it also reduces network traffic flow over the Internet. One one Internet-ready computer on the network is necessary to install and run the product.

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