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Farstone Secure PC

Farstone Secure PC

Retail : $  24.95 
Our Price : $ 14.95
Item # 212
Package: Cd Only
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

Your insurance policy against data loss and PC problems! SecurePC is the premier backup and recovery software that gives you peace of mind knowing that you can simply click a backup point to roll your system back to a time when the computer last worked.

SecurePC creates backups to a hidden protected partition on your hard drive and to a CD/DVD. In a totally separate protected area of your hard drive, which does not require Windows to run, SecurePC stores a complete backup image of your entire system as well as incremental backups that record the changes you make to your PC. What happens if your system is infected by a virus, Windows will not boot, or you lose data? Simply access SecurePC, either through Windows or by pressing the space bar during startup (if Windows is inoperable), and restore your PC to an incremental backup point made prior to the data loss or system failure. What happens if your hard drive were to become physically damaged? Simply use the bootable backup CD/DVD you created using SecurePC to restore your entire OS and data to a new hard drive or PC.


Restore from a virus attack or Windows crash
Has a computer virus ever crashed your system? Many restore programs will work as long as you can access Windows desktop icons. But what if Windows crashes and will not start? You're stuck reinstalling everything. With SecurePC, that problem doesn't exist because everything you need to restore your system can still be accessed at the DOS level.

Back up to a protected partition or CD/DVD
Burn images of your hard drive to a CD-RW or DVD-RW to create an auto-recovery CD. Just insert the CD into the CD drive and the entire PC will be restored back to its previous condition automatically. Store the backups in a safe location and you will be able to recover your files quickly after the problem is resolved.

Easily migrate your data and OS to a new PC
Upgrading to a new hard drive used to mean hours of reinstalling Windows and all of your other software programs. With SecurePC, you can create an exact copy of your old system. So whether you're getting a new hard drive or whole new computer, SecurePC can easily copy your data to the new hardware, significantly reducing the amount of time you spend upgrading your PC.

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